Hello there, person interested of longlegged creatures!
Thanks for visiting this blog. The name of this space is Opiliophilia, which means ‘love of Opiliones’ (a.k.a. harvestmen, daddy longlegs or harvest spiders). Unfortunately, most people are more familiar with the term aragnaphobia (fear of spiders), but there are so many nice things to discover about these creatures! Hence the name of the blog. For some background information about Opiliones I would recommend Wiki, or this site, or this site with beautiful pictures of some common temperate species. I myself am absolutely no expert on Opiliones; for me this blog is a way of learning more while writing posts and collecting information for them.
So, why Opiliones? The first and foremost reason for me is that Opiliones simply are funny creatures. Just look at a close up picture and see the cute little body with the funny eye hill, the extremely flexible legs, the special spikes and humps, and tell me you’re not fascinated! In addition, Opiliones have the advantage (to me) that there are only few species living in my country, so that they can be recognized fairly easily by eye, without having to search for some microscopic differences in genital structures or the like.Third, there are not that many people working on Opiliones, which gives me the idea that I can really contribute a tiny bit to increasing the knowledge on this group.If you have any comments or questions I would be very happy to hear from you!
Me in my garden

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  1. Hi,
    I work on Sri Lankan endemic Harvestmen. My name is Indika. You are doing a really good work here. Like to share my knowledge pls Email me mmsindika @ gmail . com

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