Excursion materials

One of the nice things about harvestmen is that some species can be found year-round. So excursions can be undertaken even in the midst of winter! I have a special bag containing the things I need when I go look for harvestmen. This is the equipment:

Excursion materials

  1. Notebook and pen
  2. Plastic containers
    For examining or taking home specimens
  3. Photo camera
    I take a picture of every specimen I find, so that more experienced people can check the determination before they are entered into the database of the Netherlands. Luckily there are so few species living here that they mostly can be recognized from a picture.
  4. White umbrella
    A light-coloured umbrella is very handy to find specimens that sit in bushes or in the lower parts of trees. Open up the umbrella and place it upside down under the branches, then shake the braches or hit them a few times with a stick so that all invertebrates fall into the umbrella (like this).
  5. Handheld GPS for taking coordinates
  6. Spare batteries for the GPS
  7. 10x magnifier
  8. Determination guide

So, I’m off for today!


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